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a_console_rear.JPG I started by removing the rear console to add a power tap there (could have done the front instead)
b_console_holder.JPG A pic of the packaging of the cell-phone holder I bought. $16 (with tax) and the fact that it rotates with a ball joint gives it more freedom than the ones I found at Radio Shack, etc.
I brought the rear console inside, it was easier to solder my power connector to the cigarette jack that way.
c_font_console.JPG I ran the wire up along the center console to the passenger side foot area, tucking it inside the molding/trim. You really could get by with only removing the pocket under the armrest and removing the front passenger trim bolt (and then NOT removing so much of the console around the hand-brake and stick shift). I think that would give you enough ability to run the wire along the side, but I didn't know that at the time. Plus I needed to get some change out that had fallen behind the ashtray.
e_drilled_slug.JPG The VW dash has 6 "buttons", one of which was unused for me, and filled with a blank. I used a Dremmel tool to put a starter hole in for the screw, and to make a hole in the bottom thru which I could run the Dock connector cable out to the iPod from behind the dash.
f_assembled_slug.JPG VW button with cell-phone base attached.
g_light_behind.JPG I removed the Emergency flasher button and shined a flashlight up from behind to prove to myself that I could route my power wire without having to dis-assemble the front dash.
h_wire_down.JPG I used some picture wire to push down towards the light until I could grab it with my fingers. Then I taped that to my power wire and pulled it back up to where I needed it.
i_wires_in.JPG Now its just a matter of putting all of the cables in the open space behind the buttons.
j_all_done.JPG And voila, one(*) cable, mostly hidden. (*)ok, 2 cables with the tape adaptor, but if your radio has RCA inputs, andor you add a Blitzsafe or PIE AUX-in adaptor, you can keep that connection in the back.
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