A Swing and a Prayer, WTT 2004, 3.5 level

Play starts the week of June 17, on Thursdays. Play BEGINS at 6:45pm. So please arrive by 6:15 so we can warm up.

Plan is to have 3 each (male/female) show up each night (listed as Players). If a Player can't make it one night, call one of the Subs to see if they can fill in. Anyway, each person should get to play ~1.5 sets each night.

For schduling purposes, let me first know what nights you NEED off, then what nights you'd LIKE off. After scheduling the NEED-offs (and making sure we have enough people to cover those nights) I'll do the LIKE-offs.


Regular Season
June 17home vs. Wakefield #1 Kristi,Shannon 8-6 vs. Donna Petrilla/Carol DeLucia
#2 Darren,Ken 6-8 vs. Scott Harmer/Frank DeLucia
#3 Jana 7-8(4-5) vs. Donna Peek
#4 Mike 7-8(3-5) vs. James Petrilla
#5 Ken,Shannon/Jana 7-8(4-5) vs. Scott Harmer/Jane Stutzman
#6 Kristi/Darren,Mike 6-8 vs. Will Warren/James Petrilla/Brenda Gray/Donna Petrilla
Overall: 41-46
Players: Mike, Darren, Ken., Kristi, Shannon, Jana.
Subs: Mike Z, Serat, Erica, Jennifer
Can't Play:
June 24home vs. Hedingham #1 Erica, Jana/Kristi 8-6 vs. Courtney Clayton, Logan Marlor
#2 Mike Z, Darren 8-2 vs. Jeff Hutchens, Bruce Web, Brian, Brian
#3 Jana 8-1 vs. Trish Forest, Courtney, Logan
#4 Mike 8-5 vs. Jim Caldwell
#5 Mike Z, Jana/Erica 8-7(5-3) vs. Brian Poole, Donna Koehn
#6 Mike, Kristi 8-5 vs. Brian Kocher, Trish Forest
Overall: 48-26
Players: Mike, Mike Z, Darren, Kristi, Erica, Jana.
Can't Play:Shannon, Jennifer, Ken, Serat
July 1home vs. Falls River #1 Jennifer, Kristi 3-8 vs. Amy Eiden, Amy Wright
#2 Mike Z, Darren 8-1 vs. Joe Edien, Greg Weise
#3 Jana 8-5 vs. Donna Merzigian
#4 Mike 8-2 vs. Chris Wright
#5 Jennifer, Darren 8-1 vs. Jake Merzigian, Donna Merzigian
#6 Kristi/Jana, Mike Z/Mike 8-3 vs. Amy Weise, Greg Weise
Overall: 43-20
Players: Jana, Kristi, Jennifer., Mike, Darren., Mike Z
Subs: Serat, Erica, Ken
Can't Play:Shannon
July 8off week   
July 15home vs. Quail Hollow #1 Erica, Jennifer 2-8 vs. Margie Cannity, Tammy Hightower
#2 Serat, Ken 3-8 vs. Mike Frick, Eddy Poyo
#3 Kristi 7-8 vs. Anne Axberg/Margie Cannity
#4 Ken/Mike 3-8 vs. Chandler Thompson
#5 Erica/Jennifer, Serat/Mike 2-8 vs. Mike Frick, Elizabeth Lewis
#6 Kristi, Darren 6-8 vs. Margie Cannity, Chandler Thompson
Overall: 23-48
Players: Darren, Serat, Ken, Mike Z, Jennifer, Erica, Kristi
Can't Play:Shannon, Jana, Mike
July 22at 7 Oaks Red Hots Rain out .
July 29at(*) Five on Four Rain out .
Aug 5at North Hills #1 Jennifer, Jana 1-8 vs. Anita, Melissa
#2 Ken/Mike, Serat 3-8 vs. Peter/Dan
#3 Jennifer/Jana 3-8 vs. Karen
#4 Mike 6-8 vs. Bruce
#5 Serat/Ken,Jennifer 1-8 vs.
#6 Mike,Jana 8-4 +1 vs. Peter/Bruce, Jean
Overall: 22-45
Players: Ken, Mike, Serat, Jana, Erica, Jennifer
Subs: Darren, Mike Z
Can't Play: Shannon, Kristi
Aug 12at 7 Oaks Smashers Rainout .
Aug 19at Brier Creek Kristi/Erica vs. Choy Mann/Dorothea Donahue 8-4
Darren/Ken vs. Todd Worthington/Brian Goodwin 5-8
Jana/Kristi vs. Nan Goodwin 4-8
Milan vs. Todd 7-8
Ken/Jana vs. Todd/Dorothea 3-8
Kristi/Milan vs. Brian/Choy 8-4
Overall: 35-41
Players: Kristi, Jennifer, Erica, Ken, Jana, Mike, Darren
Can't Play: Mike Z, Serat, Shannon
Aug 26at 7 Oaks Red Hots
rain makeup
#1 Kristi, Jennifer 2-8 vs. Deb Baltz, Judy Hobson
#2 Mike/Darren, Mike Z 5-8 vs. Bill Riordan, Gary Goodson, Tony Morcos, Rene Geilen
#3 Jana 8-4 vs. Susan Reinhard
#4 Mike 8-5 vs. Tony Morcos
#5 Mike Z/Darren, Kristi/Jana 6-8 vs. Heline & Rene Geilen
#6 Mike, Jennifer 8-0 vs. Tony Morcos, Bill Riordan, Susan Riordan
Overall: 37-33
Players: Jana, Jennifer, Kristi, Darren, Mike Z, Mike
Subs: Erica
Can't Play: Shannon, Serat, Ken
Aug 317 Oaks Smashers
rain make up
#1 Kristi/Erica 1-8 vs. Barb Goff, Dee Ann Patton
#2 Darren, Mike Z/Milan 5-8 vs. Greg Brooker, Scott Patton
#3 Jana vs. Sarah Mulligan 7-8 (0-5)
#4 Mike/Milan vs. David Goff 8-7 (5-3)
#5 Mike/Darren Erica/Kristi 8-4 vs. Scott/David, Dee Ann/Barb
#6 Milan, Jana 9-7 vs. Greg, Sarah
Overall: 38-42
Players: Kristi, Erica, Jana, Darren, Milan, Mike Z
Can't Play: Shannon, Ken, Serat
Sept 2at(*) Five on Four
rain make up
#1 Erica, Jennifer 8-7(5-2) vs. Jyl, Elizabeth
#2 Milan/Darren, Mike Z 3-8 vs. Dexter, Nathan
#3 Erica/Kristi 8-4 vs. Lori
#4 Milan 8-2 vs. Nathan/Dexter
#5 Mike/Darren, Kristi 4-8 vs. Dexter, Jyl/Lori
#6 Jennifer, Milan 6-8 vs. Tony, Susan
Super tie-break (same as #6) 5-7
Players: Kristi, Jennifer, Erica, Jana, Darren, Mike, Mike Z
Can't Play: Shannon, Ken, Serat
Note:(*) and home games played at Millbrook Exchange. Go to desk to get court assignment each night.

You can download the Schedule if you'd like. (MS Word doc)

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